Gain More Control Over Your OR

The DinamicOR Solution is
Deliberately Designed for
Better Organization, Increased Safety,
and Enhanced Patient Care

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution results in quantifiable increases in efficiency during every procedure. With customizable instrument setup guides created by your team and step-by-step instructions throughout surgeries, your surgical team will be capable of substantially increased workflow efficiencies.



Ergonomically Designed

Designed with human-factors in mind to create a safe and easy-to-use environment for OR staff keeping motions simple, productive, minimal and non-repetitive, with reduced tray movements.

Adjustable Shelves and Heights
Customize your table to fit your needs and floor space. Multiple tiers and widths are available to help you divide the backtable and work in sections.
92% Instrument Visibility
Multi-level shelving means no more stacked trays. Access every instrument with no extra tray lifts.
Thick, Custom-Fitted Drape
No tears, no “double-draping,” no safety concerns. The custom fitted drape is numbered to assist staff in tray placements.
Simplify Setup & Turnover
With setup time savings, reductions in sterile field violations, and an educational database for staff, the DinamicOR Back Table Solution
simplifies every job in the OR.
DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App
Establish a logical, sequential, and efficient setup for each surgeon and procedure. Staff are guided through tray placement setup for perfect repetitive environments.
DinamicOR in Action

With over 15,000 live procedures performed, DinamicOR has proven to reduce operating room turnover time by an average of 33%.

Meet the System