Custom-Fitted Drape with Numbered Placement Indicators

Easy to Install

The DinamicOR durable Drape is specifically designed to fit the adjustable Back Table and is tightly secured with customized wire tape. The durable Drape is the thickest drape on the market, which means you don’t need to use multiple drapes per procedure.

Repeatable Tray Placement

The durable Drape incorporates numbered placement icons that line up with the shelves for guided setup. This allows you to repeat your preferred placements every time.

Thick, Non-Tear Fabric

With the DinamicOR Durable Drape, you’ll never need to fumble with multiple layers of thin, tearable drapes again. The form-fitting fabric is built with your efficiency and safety in mind. 

Step-by-Step Process to Install

Follow along the guided steps for installing the unique drape designed specifically to fit the multi-tiered back table. Easy enough for installation by a single user.

Thick, Durable Fabric

Custom-Fitted and Easy to Drape

Super Easy Setup

Numbered Tray Placement Icons