Build Your Custom Workflows

Just-in-time Educational App
for Staff to Reference

  • Keep staff a step ahead in unfamiliar procedures
  • View technique guides and animations to learn more about surgical steps
  • Easily on-board and train staff 
  • Accurate instrument layouts and a database for reference  
  • Transferable knowledge: document your workflows for anyone to look up and replicate
  • Share your guides with all your Operating Rooms
  • Digitize your notes and hand-drawn diagrams to keep everything in one place

Optimizing Every Second In the Operating Room

When time is such a critical factor in the costs associated with perioperative procedures, the app allows the surgical team to find the instruments they need, exactly when they need it.

  • Map Your Instrument Layouts
    Map your prefered tray layouts for unlimited procedures. Rely on repeatable layouts to always have the necessary instruments available.
  • Customized Procedures
    Staff references the predetermined layouts to setup the back table exactly the same every time. These guided walkthroughs reduce setup time by up to 33%.
  • Time Savings
    Never stress about the unknown, with the app, every procedure in planned to have the exact needed instruments every time, ensuring fast and reliable setup.
  • Reduce Stress Under Complex Conditions
    When the OR gets stressful, DORA is there to guide staff through every step of setup. Complex and unfamiliar procedures can be mapped and planned to reduce OR errors.
  • Instrument Database
    Search tools and instruments in the database for more information on proper setup and usage.
  • Procedure Encyclopedia
    Quickly search through an extensive database of educational materials to learn about new instruments or unfamiliar procedures.