Improving OR Organization, Safety, and Efficiency

At DinamicOR, our mission is clear: we are dedicated to improving OR organization, safety, and efficiency. We strive to standardize operating room organization through the development of an ergonomic and intuitive Workflow Management System. Our goal is to enhance the efficiency and reproducibility of surgical processes, empowering perioperative staff to focus on delivering thoughtful patient care.

Our vision is equally ambitious – we aspire to set the organizational efficiency standard for operating room environments, revolutionizing the way healthcare operates.

Meet the DinamicOR Team: Your OR Optimization Experts

Our team includes professionals with diverse backgrounds, including OR device representatives, medical sales experts, and seasoned healthcare professionals. With over 50 years of combined experience, we have a deep understanding of the operating room environment and the importance of efficiency in surgical procedures. We are committed to leveraging our knowledge to enhance your OR operations and prioritize patient care.

Jeffrey Gerstner

Chief Executive Ambassador

Rob Gerstner

Senior Ambassador of Operations & Finance

Blake Bednarz

Senior Ambassador of Business Development

Jason Gotham

Senior Ambassador of Brand Strategy & Product Development

Corey McAdam

Lead Ambassador of Customer Integration

Nick Phillips

Lead Ambassador of Brand Strategy & Product Development

Tom Rawlings

Lead Clinical Specialist
Ambassador of Government Accounts

Franny Valenti, CST

Clinical Specialist
Ambassador of Customer Integration

  • Our Core Values

    At DinamicOR, our core values are paramount. We prioritize perioperative staff, recognizing their vital role in healthcare. Our commitment to intuitive processes and user-friendly organizational equipment guides our approach to creating impactful solutions for the healthcare industry.
  • Our Journey

    Since our inception, DinamicOR has embarked on a journey of continuous improvement. We've achieved significant milestones and formed partnerships contributing to our growth. Our unwavering dedication to enhancing patient care and ensuring quality drives us forward.
  • Innovation and Technology

    Innovation is at our core. DinamicOR harnesses cutting-edge technology and proprietary systems to tackle complex challenges in the operating room. Our solutions embody a commitment to excellence and precision, elevating standards in healthcare.