We are DinamicOR

Our Mission is to Improve OR Organization, Safety, and Efficiency

Our mission is to standardize operating room organization with an ergonomic and intuitive Workflow Management System – improving the efficiency and reproducibility of surgical processes which will enable perioperative staff to focus on providing thoughtful patient care.

  • The Team
    The DinamicOR team is comprised of medical professionals, process experts, engineers, and designers; we have been advised by nurses, surgical technicians, sales representatives, surgeons, OR managers and hospital administrators.
  • Our Vision
    Our vision is to set the organizational efficiency standard for operating room environments.
  • Our Values
    We value perioperative staff, intuitive processes, and user-friendly organizational equipment.

Meet the Team

Jeffrey Gerstner

Chief Executive Ambassador

Rob Gerstner

Senior Ambassador of Operations & Finance

Blake Bednarz

Senior Ambassador of Business Development

Corey McAdam

Lead Ambassador of Customer Integration

Allie Rupp

Ambassador of Customer Integration

Larry Butler

Lead Ambassador of Strategic Partnerships

Jason Gotham

Senior Ambassador of Brand Strategy & Product Development

Nick Phillips

Lead Ambassador of Brand Strategy & Product Development

Roberta Kesselring

Lead Ambassador of Culture & Human Resources

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