The 4-in-1 Configurable Back Table

Your Key to Streamlined Efficiency

Our revolutionary 4-in-1 configurable back table is meticulously designed to optimize every aspect of your operating room setup. With its unmatched versatility and ergonomic features, this back table empowers your surgical team to work at their best, ensuring seamless procedures and exceptional patient care.

The Synergy of Our Suite

Discover Unparalleled Efficiency by Integrating Our Solutions

  • 92%

    Instrument Visibility without Tray Movement

  • 33%

    Reducing Setup & Takedown Times

  • 88%

    Decreased Tray Movements by Staff

Ergonomic Excellence: Enhancing Performance

Prioritize your surgical team’s well-being. Our back table features an 6″ adjustable height range, reducing the risk of staff injuries and ensuring top-tier patient care.

Multi-Tiered Organization: Elevate Instrument Visibility

Choose from our two sizes – double wide, fitting up to 8 trays, or triple wide, accommodating up to 12 trays. With multiple tiers, our back table offers up to 92% instrument visibility. No more searching for misplaced tools, reducing tray movements, and safeguarding your staff from potential injuries.

Adaptive Design: Redefine Efficiency

Our back table’s 4-in-1 configuration allows you to adjust shelf positions, catering to the unique needs of different procedures. Whether it’s orthopedics, neurosurgery, or any specialized field, our table adapts to ensure your team’s efficiency.

Two Table Sizes: Suitable to Your Needs

Create a package that fits within your operating rooms. The back table, available in two sizes, creates efficient tray placements for all procedures, from simple to complex.   The double-wide, fits two trays across. The triple-wide fits three trays. 

Double Wide

Double Wide
  • Dimensions: 45.5”L x 28.3``D
  • Height Range: 49” - 55”
  • Main Surface: 45.5``L x 26.3”D
  • Table Height: 30-36” from floor
  • Top Shelf: 45.5``L x 11.3”D
  • Middle Shelf: 45.5``L x 12.3”D
  • Weight Capacity Main Surface: 300 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity Angled Surfaces: 150 lbs.

Triple Wide

Triple Wide
  • Dimensions: 68.0``L x 28.3``D
  • Height Range: 49” - 55”
  • Main Surface: 68.0``L x 26.3”D
  • Table Height: 30-36”
  • Top Shelf: 68.0``L x 11.3”D
  • Middle Shelf: 68.0``L x 12.3”D
  • Weight Capacity Main Surface: 300 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity Angled Surfaces: 150 lbs.

Customized Solutions: Tailored for Your Operating Room

Build your ideal package with the flexibility to tailor solutions precisely for your surgical team. Whether you seek the revolutionary back table and durable drape or the complete suite, including the Workflow Management App, our expert team will design a solution that aligns perfectly with your OR requirements. Experience surgical precision and efficiency like never before with a customized DinamicOR package.