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Hospital teams everywhere will do whatever it takes to ensure exceptional patient outcomes. Each individual has their own concerns: C-Suite is demanding reduced cost and maximized profitability, Surgeons are committed to both excellence and consistency, and OR staff are being pushed to the limit, surviving constant turnover and enduring both physical and mental overload.

We understand it can be difficult to adopt new solutions in the OR. While you may want to support your staff and optimize your OR, the confounding needs of each medical professional coupled with the overwhelming idea of overhauling your processes leaves you paralyzed. However, to reach your destination there has to be a beginning…

That is why DinamicOR has developed an easy-to-implement suite of solutions to solve challenges in the OR.
We have a unique step-wise implementation process that immediately improves your OR upon taking the very first step.

The foundation of our Suite of Solutions and first step to total OR optimization is the DOR Back Table. Our multitiered adjustable back table improves the safety, efficiency and reproducibility of surgical processes which will enable perioperative staff to focus on providing thoughtful patient care. With a simple table swap you will have taken the first and most critical step towards a solution.

Next, your custom table will need a custom drape. But we haven’t designed this drape as a simple add-on to your package. Instead we’ve developed a drape who’s durability means you’ll never need to fumble with multiple layers of thin, tearable drapes again. Made of a thick, durable, non-tear material, the DOR Durable Drape reduces the risk of tearing and improves OR staff’s ability to maintain the integrity of the sterile-field. With the DOR Back Table and Drape set to work in your OR, you’ll be miles down the road towards the outcomes you’re looking for.

We’ve saved the best for last: Its the turbo boost you’ll need to reach your destination. Our premium product, the DinamicOR Workflow Management app brings the back table system to life: the numbered placement icons, integrated with the app, provide a map for repeatable tray placements. This guided set-up mitigates risk during operations by allowing staff to assemble all trays and verify every instrument. The app efficiently transfers procedural and surgeon-specific knowledge, onboards new personnel, and provides hands-on learning. No matter who is in the room, you can expect consistent results for every operation.

The DinamicOR Suite of Solutions can help you achieve the level of optimization that belongs in your ORs. We’ll be there every step of the way as you implement our customized solution so that you can get back to doing what you do best: advocating for the ultimate patient care.