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DinamicOR was developed after hearing from countless surgical teams who were all facing the same issue; the unpredictability of each operating room procedure. Whether you’re in the C-Suite, a surgeon, a circulating nurse, or a surgical tech, DinamicOR was founded with a singular goal: to transform healthcare. By listening to perioperative staff across the country, our team developed a modern approach to increase safety and efficiency in the surgical process no matter what your role is.

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Hear it first from our users

“The table is easy to use and I love setting up on it. I find myself not so fatigued at the end of the day either. Thanks for bringing them into the hospital!!”

Gates Vascular Institute

"Our hope is DinamicOR will allow us to achieve efficiencies and time savings to help offset the delays created by this pandemic. In addition to case efficiency, we feel our staff is better protected from unneeded lifting."

Duane Tull, MD
Chief Medical Officer

The one thing in common with operating room’s across the country is that they are unpredictable. With the DinamicOR Back Table and Software System, a surgical team can reduce uncertainties throughout the entire perioperative procedure.

Jeff Gerstner