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The shortage of surgical technologists continues to be a pressing concern, echoing across hospitals nationwide, including West Michigan where local newstation Channel 13 has given us a glimpse into the situation. The consequences of this shortage are far-reaching, impacting the ability of medical facilities to perform surgeries effectively and efficiently. With operating rooms facing the possibility of closure and surgical procedures becoming increasingly prolonged, the need for a solution is more urgent than ever.

The news segment sheds light on the pivotal role surgical technologists play in the success of surgeries. It also highlights the lack of awareness about this profession that has contributed to a significant shortage of skilled professionals. Hospitals are faced with the challenge of finding innovative ways to fill these critical positions, resorting to on-the-job training programs and incentives to attract talent.



At DinamicOR, we understand the gravity of the situation and are committed to being part of the solution. Our suite of solutions offers practical and effective tools to address the challenges hospitals and surgical technologists are currently facing.

Efficient and Repeatable Onboarding and Training:

DinamicOR’s innovative Workflow Management App serves as a comprehensive platform for preoperative and intraoperative education. By providing detailed insights into surgical instruments, procedural table setups, surgeon preferences, and step-by-step procedural workflows, our app facilitates efficient training and onboarding processes for surgical technologists. With just-in-time education, we empower surgical teams to perform at their best, contributing to shorter surgery times and improved patient outcomes.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency:

Our ergonomic Surgical Back Table is designed to optimize the operating room environment, reducing staff burden and the risk of injury. With features such as adjustable settings and systematic tray placements, our back table ensures ergonomic setups and streamlined workflows. By maximizing floor space and boosting instrument visibility, we help hospitals maintain operational efficiency even in the face of staffing shortages.

Supporting Staff Retention and Prioritizing Comfort:

By prioritizing safety and comfort in the operating room, DinamicOR’s solutions contribute to staff retention and satisfaction. Our focus on ergonomic designs and streamlined workflows not only improves the working conditions for surgical technologists but also enhances the overall patient experience.

As we navigate these challenges together, DinamicOR remains steadfast in our commitment to providing innovative solutions that address the needs of hospitals and surgical technologists. By investing in education, training, and operational efficiency, we can bridge the gap and ensure continued excellence in patient care.

Visit our product page at dinamicor.com/solutions to learn more about our suite of solutions and request your live demo today. 

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