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There is currently a greater shortage of nurses in this country than we have ever experienced before.

According to statistics compiled by the University of St. Augustine, there are now at least four states which have a shortage of more than 10,000 nurses, with California being the most drastically short state, with almost 45,000 fewer nurses than are needed in state hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Texas, New Jersey, and South Carolina are the other three states in most dire need of more nurses – but every state is experiencing some kind of shortfall. To help combat these shortages, hospitals are doing everything possible to become more efficient so they can make better use of the personnel they do have – especially in the operating room, where there can be a great many inefficiencies.

With that in mind, we’re sharing some ways back table technology in the operating room can help manage the shortfall of experienced healthcare personnel.

Streamline the onboarding process 

When new nurses come on board at a given hospital, it can be a long and painstaking process to get them up to speed with procedures. Much of that time and effort can be bypassed by using the DinamicOR Back Table Solution, which includes an educational app – the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App –  that guides nurses through optimal back table set up for each surgeon and each different procedure. Much of the time that would otherwise be spent in training and walk-throughs can be eliminated by having new hires consult the app so they can learn about unfamiliar procedures, find out all the steps involved in specific procedures, and have a better understanding of their critical roles in the operating room.

Improve workflow efficiency 

The DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App included in the DinamicOR Back Table Solution is the perfect repository for all notes and diagrams relating to surgical procedures, which makes it a go-to reference for all procedures. Having that kind of single reference not only increases efficiency in the OR, but also makes for a very simple and clear process for all personnel to use.

Make procedures repeatable in all ORs 

All layouts for surgical instruments can be identified in the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App, and that means they can be made standard throughout your hospital or healthcare organization. Every operating room in the hospital can consult the same App, and view the same layout diagram, so as to know exactly where instruments should be placed for maximum efficiency during operations. When procedures are made repeatable like this, it increases reliability in the OR, which helps increase favorable outcomes.

Fewer OR nurses needed 

With the efficiencies gained by repeatability and standardized workflows, it becomes possible to have fewer personnel in place in the OR for any surgical procedure. This in itself can be an efficiency gain, because fewer people are needed. As opposed to having a room full of people, this can make operations easier to perform because there will be more freedom of movement by key personnel.

Better management, less personnel

Whenever procedures are managed more efficiently, there is less need for additional personnel. Hospitals using the DinamicOR Back Table Solution are finding their nursing shortages aren’t quite as critical, especially in the operating room.