Surgeons in the OR
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The days of stretched resources in the operating room have not subsided. With the ever-increasing need for surgical teams to do more with less, hospitals are looking for solutions that allow them to get the most out of the fewest resources. Sadly, the words ‘increase efficiency’ have become an indicator for surgical teams that their already depleted resources are about to be cut even further. But the answer to efficiency isn’t making cuts… its optimizing the people and the tools that are already available. This is where the DinamicOR multitiered back table solution comes in. DOR is here to reduce staff burden and offer a solution that allows OR staff to optimize their workflows, creating time and space for them to deliver unprecedented efficiency.

The DinamicOR multitiered back table eliminates the need for multiple tables by placing all of the surgical tools, supplies, and equipment in one convenient place. The multitiered design keeps all tools within easy reach, which reduces heavy lifting: the #1 cause of staff injury in the OR. Increased visibility of tools and trays reduces risk by eliminating time-consuming searches for instruments. By utilizing the vertical space, the DOR back table maximizes OR floor area which makes it a great fit for facilities both large and small.

The versatility of the DinamicOR back table is one of its key features. The two sizes available – double-wide and triple-wide – make it possible to accommodate a wide variety of surgical cases. The triple-wide design is perfect for use in complex spine procedures, orthopedic surgeries, and most recently we’ve seen its
application in plastics. The double-wide design has been used in robotics and has made its impact in some of the smaller facilities within our case load who see an incredible benefit in the optimization of their available OR space.

You are already a high performing medical team. With the support of a back table that performs with you, total OR optimization is within reach. Engage our sales reps at info@dinamicor. com and discover how DinamicOR can help you be your absolute best and find a new path to efficiency.