Providing a Simple Solution to a Complex Problem.

Finally, a Customizable Back Table Solution that will Streamline Your OR.

Eliminate Operating Room Workflow Overwhelm

Things move quickly in an OR. So when workflow isn’t consistent, not only does it slow things down, but the work itself can suffer. With the DinamicOR Back Table Solution, operating room staff are no longer frustrated with inconsistent setup protocol. As such, it will effectively reduce anxiety, increase efficiencies, and renew job satisfaction. The DinamicOR Back Table Solution consists of three elements: the Adjustable Back Table, the Durable Drape, and the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App that can be customized to specifically fit your needs.

Take Back Control of Your OR

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution is the Result of Real-World Research and Development

We first brought a team of manufacturing industry efficiency experts into hospitals and operating rooms to identify areas in need of improvement. Even they couldn’t believe the inefficiencies they encountered in the OR. Using their findings, we worked with hospitals and perioperative staff to deliberately design the DinamicOR Back Table Solution. After being used in more than 15,000 procedures, the DinamicOR Back Table Solution has been proven to increase efficiency, safety, and repeatability in the OR. In fact, on average, operating room turnover time was reduced by an average of 33 percent!

A More Predictable Operating Room Back Table Solution

Visible Instruments + Repeatable Placements + Ergonomic Design = Greater Efficiency

    The DinamicOR system includes an adjustable Back Table that when combined with our DinamicOR+ App, lets every OR customize and standardize its own procedures with repeatable placement of trays and instruments.
    The ability to consistently organize their back table leads to more efficient work flow processes. This lets nurses and surgical technicians reproduce the same intuitive movements before, during, and post-surgery.
    The DinamicOR system removes organizational problems that nurses and surgical technicians face so they can focus on the patient.

Are You Ready for a More Streamlined OR?

The DinamicOR system lets your surgical team control the controllables by reducing uncertainties throughout the entire perioperative procedure. Contact us to learn how your OR can become more predictable, safe, and efficient.



  • Commercial Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • VA & Military Hospitals
  • Surgery Centers
  • Surgeons
  • Nurses & Techs
  • Directors & Administrators
  • Reps & Distributors
Integrating Your OR with DinamicOR


The DinamicOR Back Table Solution includes: 1) the adjustable Back Table, 2) the durable Drape, and 3) the DinamicOR+ App. Combined, the DinamicOR Back Table Solution standardizes the most efficient method of organizing OR equipment and surgical workflow preferences.


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Consistent Approach, Successful Outcomes

In today’s era of value-based patient care, DinamicOR empowers your OR staff by helping them ensure reproducibility, consistency, and the best patient outcomes.


Reduction of Tray Movements


Reduced OR Turnover Time


Instrument Visibility

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What our users say

"I am 4 feet 10 inches.  This table is a game changer!  With the ability to adjust the overall height of the table and the height of the upper level,  I can effectively reach and see all of the instruments on the table."

Marita Andrade
Lead Surgical Technologist Cape Cod Healthcare Hyannis, MA

"For two decades we have been battling OR inefficiencies. The Dinamic OR system standardized our setup and turnover process. More importantly, the system improved staff satisfaction and efficiency.  DinamicOR has been such a success with our neuro team, hospital administration has decided to adopt this practice and process in other service lines throughout the hospital."

Paul Houle, MD
Cape Cod Healthcare Neurosurgery Hyannis, MA

"The DinamicOR table is GREAT!!!!!!!! It has allowed me to setup my table faster.  I love the two upper levels for the instrument trays and it leaves the main table open for me to put everything down in order of which I will be using them.  Great product!!!!!!"

Spencer Benjamin
Certified Surgical Technologist at Bassett Medical Center Cooperstown, NY

“The table is easy to use and I love setting up on it. I find myself not so fatigued at the end of the day either. Thanks for bringing them into the hospital!!”

Gates Vascular Institute

"Our hope is DinamicOR will allow us to achieve efficiencies and time savings to help offset the delays created by this pandemic. In addition to case efficiency, we feel our staff is better protected from unneeded lifting."

Duane Tull, MD
Chief Medical Officer

The one thing in common with operating room’s across the country is that they are unpredictable. With the DinamicOR Back Table and Software System, a surgical team can reduce uncertainties throughout the entire perioperative procedure.

Jeff Gerstner
Customize and Standardize Your Back Table

Your Table. Your Way

DinamicOR Adjustable Back Table - Stainless Steel

With multiple table variations and configurations available, our team can help customize an end-to-end solution to perfectly fit your back table and efficiency needs in the operating room.

  • Adjustable height or fixed shelves
  • Single or double-raised tiers
  • Single, double, or triple wide frame
  • App integration