operating room innovations for 2021
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Emerging technology has made an enormous impact on our society in general, and that impact has certainly been felt in the operating rooms of today’s hospitals and ASCs.

Several of the biggest innovations which have come about in 2021 are described below, and some of these may be of great value to your own hospital’s or ASC’s OR.

Hybrid operating rooms 

Hybrid operating rooms are equipped with many of the latest interventional devices and medical imaging equipment, much of which facilitates minimally invasive operating procedures. Devices such as CT scanners, fixed C arms, and MRI equipment permit even the tiniest body parts to be seen clearly by medical personnel, so better decisions can be made and so surgery can be more precise. Image-guided surgical operations become possible in this kind of environment, and that generally leads to better procedures and better patient outcomes.

Innovative back table system 

Another real innovation in the operating room for 2021 is the DinamicOR Back Table Solution with its accompanying DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App, which organizes and displays all surgical instruments in the most visible and useful manner.  With the Back Table Solution, surgical tools have a full 92 percent visibility rate using this system, as opposed to the 38 percent visibility rate typical of most operating rooms. Having this kind of organizational efficiency allows for quicker retrieval and more efficient operating procedures.

The DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App is a just-in-time education app that staff can reference for real-time, step-by-step instruction throughout a surgical procedure. It’s also a powerful tool that lets you to map your preferred instrument layouts for any procedure. This consistency and repeatability will help any OR become more productive.

Robotic surgery 

Robot-assisted surgery is becoming more commonplace in the OR, and this is one of the biggest trends in 2021. This year, many operating rooms will include robotic assistants, which can provide tremendous value in cardiac valve repair, prostatectomies, and gynecological surgical procedures. Robotic assistants are also very helpful in minimally invasive procedures, which results in less discomfort for patients, shorter recovery times, and generally less loss of blood during surgery. Many hospitals are willing to make the investment necessary to install robotic assistants, just because the benefits provided are so appealing.

Innovations for 2021 

These are just some of the exciting innovations that are already being used by operating room personnel in hospitals and ASCs this year.  The best thing about all these innovations is that they not only help achieve better patient outcomes but also help operating rooms gain efficiencies.

Given the fact that it’s become necessary to create efficiencies wherever possible to keep pace with increased demand while remaining profitable, any such innovations your operating room implements could result in big returns.