Using Technology in the OR to Increase Efficiency and Deliver Better Patient Care
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Surgeries are primary lifesaving and income-generating activities in healthcare facilities and hospitals. As such, efficiency is vital in the operating room (OR), where time can make the difference in saving a life as well as bottom-line results.

Various procedures are scheduled in ORs daily, ranging from routine exploratory procedures to organ transplants to emergency lifesaving repairs. Carrying out these procedures successfully requires not only the efforts of a skilled team but also the right technology.

Rather than adding to the complexity of your operations, ORs can adopt technology solutions to simplify workflows and deliver better patient care. Here are the different ways DinamicOR Back Table Solution fulfills this role.

1. Reducing setup and preparation time

One of the ongoing struggles in operating environments is how to prepare for the next surgical procedure efficiently. Scheduling can be tight, and facilities don’t always know how long an intervention is going to take, so the timeline might be even shorter than planned. When each procedure is either slightly or drastically different from the last, turning over the OR properly can be challenging.

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution addresses this issue with its revolutionary DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App. Using the App, surgical technicians can view the precise layout desired for trays and instruments according to the procedure and each surgeon’s wishes. This creates repeatability in the OR and improves efficiency. In fact, this App can reduce OR turnover time by up to 33%.

2. Streamlining decision-making in the OR

Working in an OR can be stressful and physically demanding. One of the roles of technology in the OR is to enhance the working conditions of the surgical team. Surgery is largely a visual process, meaning the professionals doing the work rely on their vision to accomplish precise tasks. The DinamicOR Back Table Solution improves visibility in the OR.

Using the adjustable back table by DinamicOR, surgical teams can see more instruments than ever and won’t have to worry about unplanned tray movements that shift instruments during a procedure. This solution creates 92% instrument visibility and reduces tray movements by 88%. The surgical team can even refer to Workflow Management App during a procedure to locate a vital piece of equipment in the OR.

3. Improving OR staff safety and efficiency

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is struggling with staffing issues. This is a problem that could persist for years to come. And if not handled correctly, staff shortages could impact staff safety and efficiency as well as patient outcomes.

Fortunately, the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App is a technology solution that helps ORs address these challenges. Fill-in or new OR technicians or nurses can get up to speed quickly using the App before they even walk into the OR. They can follow the guidelines laid out for each procedure and surgeon to improve efficiency and reduce potential errors and delays.

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In the current healthcare environment, where staffing shortages are combined with increased surgical caseloads, it’s essential for OR teams to remain as efficient as possible. At DinamicOR, our revolutionary solution combines innovation and technology to help clients increase their OR efficiency and provide the best patient experience possible. If you would like to learn more about how DinamicOR can help your team, contact us today.