Can a product also be a process? Yes, it can.
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When it comes to improving the patient experience and creating better overall results for your hospital or ASC, do you focus on process improvements or products to address your challenges? What if the answer was “both”?

Once in a great while, something comes along that is both a product and a process. We believe that the DinamicOR Back Table Solution qualifies as such and is worth investigating as THE solution to your most pressing operating room efficiency challenges.

Common operating room efficiency challenges

Some of the biggest challenges operating rooms face lie in inefficiencies that impact patient care, create delays, and even affect employee health and safety. For example, there’s a good chance that the surgery being performed at 3 p.m. won’t be the same one that happened at 8 a.m. At the very least, there will be some subtle differences. This can create confusion and delays for surgical technicians when turning over surgical suites because the setup will have different requirements.

There may also be similar challenges during a surgical procedure, which can have life-or-death consequences. When a surgeon needs an instrument, the surgical staff should be able to find it instantly. But this isn’t always the case when instruments are in different places or hidden underneath stacks of trays. Fortunately, there is now a way to address these efficiency challenges.

Introducing the DinamicOR Solution

DinamicOR understands that everything surrounding surgery is complex. Our solution was developed with direct input and involvement from surgical teams to make the greatest impact on patient outcomes and surgical suite efficiency.

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution is a three-part system for back table management that includes the back table, durable drape, and workflow management app. The back table itself is an ergonomically designed, four-in-one instrument table that improves instrument visibility, simplifies OR setup, and keeps your surgical tools visible. You can customize the table according to your floor space and specific needs. In addition, the table includes the Durable Drape, a custom-fitted, tear-resistant drape that assists in tray and instrument placement.

The Back Table Solution makes setup easier and can reduce sterile field violations. One of the biggest efficiency “wins” with this product is that it provides 92 percent instrument visibility with its multi-level shelving, compared to the typical 38 percent offered by the standard back table setup.

Remember how we pointed out that operating setup was an ongoing challenge? What many teams lack is an effective and reliable process that provides repeatability. The DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App solves this issue perfectly.

The Workflow Management App allows your team to map its preferred procedural sequence and surgical checklists for any procedure and then repeat them as required. The app provides reliable and repeatable configurations to set up your Back Table Solution the same each time, which also reduces setup time by up to one-third. This is also a valuable tool for onboarding and training new staff.

Can a product also be a process? We think so!

Now that you know a bit more about the DinamicOR solution, you might agree that it qualifies as both a product and a process. Either way, this groundbreaking solution has the potential to transform your operating room and deliver the efficiency you and your patients deserve.

To learn more about the DinamicOR Back Table Solution and the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App, contact us for a virtual demo.