A Better Back Table solution

Designed for Patients, Providers, and Productivity

  • Reduces Surgical Staff Injury / Turnover
    The bureau of labor statistics identifies lifting/lowering and repetitive motion as the #1 cause of surgical technologist injury. The DinamicOR Back Table Solution significantly reduces the amount of heavy lifting OR staff needs to do.
  • Improves Efficiency
    Used in over 15,000 operating room procedures, the DinamicOR Back Table Solution has been proven to reduce turnover time by 33 percent!
  • Increases Patient Safety
    With fewer staff movements, fewer accidents happen in the OR. The durable drape, guided installation, and maximized instrument visibility, the DinamicOR back table system can minimize sterile field violation by up to 58 percent!


DinamicOR in Action

With over 15,000 live procedures performed, DinamicOR has proven to reduce operating room turnover time by an average of 33%.

Prevents Staff Strain

Multiple Tiers Allow for 92 Percent
Instrument Visibility at All Times

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution reduces the number of tray movements by 88 percent – decreasing the amount of weight OR staff has to lift by up to 450 pounds, helping reduce strain and prevent injury.

Create Repetitive Workflows

Same Setup. Same Results. Every Time.

With DinamicOR, you can customize your table layouts to each procedure and staff preference. The guided workflow ensures that the back table is setup exactly the same every time, which, in turn, speeds up operating procedures before, during and after.

Ergonomic and Efficient

Built for Surgery Teams by Surgery Teams

After hearing from countless surgical teams about the inefficiencies and unpredictability of each operating room procedure, we worked with hospitals and staff to deliberately design the DinamicOR Back Table Solution. It is a real-world approach that increases safety, efficiency, and repeatability in the surgical process.

Integrating Your OR with DinamicOR


The DinamicOR Back Table Solution integrates the adjustable Back Table with the easy-to-use DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App that standardizes the most efficient method of organizing OR equipment and surgical preferences.