Here’s How the DinamicOR Back Table Solution Can Help You Mitigate Risk in the OR
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There has been a lot of talk in the healthcare industry lately about risk mitigation. Healthcare is a high-trust, high-risk industry. Patients trust healthcare providers with their lives, but humans are fallible, and things can go wrong.

When your facility delivers life-saving and life-changing medical services in the operating room, it’s exposed to a tremendous amount of risk. But the DinamicOR Back Table Solution can help you significantly decrease that risk.

Decrease risk, increase positive patient outcomes

Although you’ll never be able to completely eliminate all risks in the OR, there are some effective strategies you can implement to mitigate risk. In an organization with so many moving parts, it’s vital that you cover as many bases as possible. Here are some of the ways the DinamicOR Back Table Solution helps you mitigate risk in the OR.

1. Patient outcomes 

Of course, positive patient outcomes are a top priority. Some surgical procedures rely on efficiency as a matter of life and death. When a standard back table only offers about a 40 percent at-a-glance visibility for instruments, there’s the potential for procedure delay.

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution increases instrument visibility to 92 percent. It also eliminates many of the organizational problems healthcare workers face so they can focus on patient care.

2. Employee safety and wellbeing 

In addition to improving patient outcomes, your employee’s safety and well-being should be a top concern. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than two-thirds of OR injuries are due to overexertion, which results from repeatedly lifting heavy objects like instrument trays.

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution reduces the amount of weight surgical technicians must lift by up to 450 pounds, reducing the chances of muscle strain and injury. It also reduces the number of tray movements by 88 percent.

3. Operating room efficiency

Turning over an operating room and ensuring it’s correct for the next procedure is no simple task. But having to rush can lead to employee injuries and mistakes during procedures.

The combination of the DinamicOR Back Table Solution and DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App can help streamline this process. Table configurations and instrument layouts can be preloaded into the app, providing repeatability in your processes and minimizing risk.

The App even provides a system by which the perioperative staff can verify that all surgical instruments needed for the surgery are placed. That’s huge when it comes to risk mitigation.

4. Legal liability 

No healthcare provider wants to think about the legal ramifications of mistakes in the OR. But lawsuits happen, and the outcomes can be disastrous in more ways than one. With standardization and improved instrument visibility in the OR, you’ll achieve better patient outcomes and have less exposure to costly lawsuits.

5. Health and safety regulations

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry. Providers must follow rules established by federal, state, and local regulators as well as a large assortment of private organizations. If they fall short, they could lose accreditation, face fines, or even be liable if something goes wrong. Having a safer and more standardized operating room with the DinamicOR Back Table Solution can help providers adhere to current regulations and improve outcomes.

Learn more about the DinamicOR Back Table Solution

Of course, no solution is going to eliminate every danger that can occur in the OR. But the DinamicOR Back Table Solution addresses so many potential risks that it’s a worthwhile investment. To learn more, we invite you to reach out for a free demonstration. Our team is standing by to help.