Here’s How Using DinamicOR Table Can Help Reduce Neck, Shoulder, and Low Back Injuries
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Every day in the operating room, surgical staff are at risk for experiencing injuries to their neck, shoulders, and back due to repetitive motion and lifting heavy weights such as instrument trays, which can weigh up to 40 pounds. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 67 percent of all OR injuries are of this type.

While there are many ways to prevent these types of injuries, using DinamicOR Back Table Solution can be one of the most effective methods. This tiered table system provides for 92 percent instrument visibility, greatly reducing any need to lift and stack instrument trays.

In this blog post, we’ll detail how the DinamicOR Back Table Solution can help protect surgical staff from neck, shoulder, and back injuries.

According to research

A major study was recently conducted into the situation and discovered some interesting facts. The focus of the study was how the DinamicOR Back Table could help relieve some of these injuries and make surgical technicians less susceptible to incurring them. Here are some of the interesting discoveries which came about from that study:

  • DinamicOR Back Table increased the visibility of surgical instruments significantly, making it easier to avoid search efforts for specific devices
  • There was much less time required for setup and breakdown before and after surgeries
  • There was a major decrease in tray movements for each individual case
  • The surgical staff was much happier with the setup and had a more satisfying experience in the OR

Effective injury reduction 

So, why exactly is the DinamicOR Back Table Solution so adept at minimizing OR injuries? Everyone understands that in an operating room, time is critical, and being able to retrieve instruments quickly can literally make the difference between saving a life and losing one. With 98 percent visibility for all tools on the Back Table, no one will be rushing to retrieve instruments, which generally involves lifting, moving, and stacking heavy trays of medical devices.

All that becomes a thing of the past when medical instruments are easily visible and retrievable. The role of the Workflow Management App that comes with the Back Table Solution is also important in streamlining operations and movements associated with surgical procedures. When all these activities can be carried out efficiently, and in accordance with steps clearly listed in the Workflow App, it makes for less repetitive motion, and less strain on staff members.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the number of neck, shoulder, and low back injuries in your operating room, look no further than the DinamicOR Back Table Solution. This innovative tiered table results in 98 percent instrument visibility, virtually eliminating the need to move and stack heavy instrument trays, which helps ensure everyone working in the OR is as safe from injury as possible. Ready to see how this table can benefit your OR? Reach out for a free demonstration today. Our team is here to help.