Hidden Dangers of the OR
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As all surgical staff are aware, things don’t always go smoothly in the operating room. It’s a high-pressure environment full of hidden dangers, where injuries to staff can – and do – happen.

This fact is evidenced by data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which states that more than two-thirds of OR injuries are attributable to over-exertion, which often occurs from lifting heavy trays of medical devices and instruments. Other OR injuries stem from the need for personnel to engage in repetitive motion actions numerous times during surgery.

However, it is possible to greatly reduce the frequency and the severity of such injuries by making use of the DinamicOR Back Table Solution.

So how does an improved Back Table make it safer for Operating Room workers? Here are some of the ways that injuries can be avoided using this highly organized Back Table:

  • There will be fewer movements of heavy trays because the DinamicOR Back Table Solution provides for 92 percent instrument visibility.
  • The DinamicOR Back Table Solution provides for 33 percent less OR turnover time, shortening the time that workers are exposed to injury.
  • Surgical implements will be much more visible, so less fumbling around for devices will be needed
  • Surgical staff will appreciate the more organized setup and will be in a better frame of mind.

Eliminating dangers 
If even one of your valued OR staffers sustains a back injury from lifting a heavy tray of medical devices, that should be enough to convince you it’s a problem that requires a solution. Once you install the DinamicOR Back Table Solution in the operating room, you should see a much lower incidence of injury and mishap.

Of course, this may not eliminate all possible issues that can occur during surgery, but it is an excellent start. Every one of your OR staffers is an important member of the team, and they should be protected to whatever extent is possible. You can go a long way toward creating a safer working environment in your Operating Rooms by installing the DinamicOR Back Table Solution in each of them.

To learn more, we invite you to reach out for a free demonstration. Our team is ready to help.