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Life in the operating room can get pretty hectic at times. Is it any wonder there’s a premium on being as organized as possible in those settings? There is literally no time to waste hunting around for medical instruments when surgery is in progress, and there’s certainly no time to train newcomers to the OR.

Which is exactly what DinamicOR had in mind when they developed their DinamicOR Back Table Solution for use in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), and physician-owned hospitals. With that in mind, here are some of the ways that this extraordinary back table solution can make life much easier in any operating room.

The custom-fitted drape 

This durable, custom-fitted drape comes as standard equipment with the DinamicOR Back Table Solution, and you’ll never have any kind of safety worries with it because it simply will not tear, and it doesn’t hang over the edges of the back table to create a hazard in the OR. It’s numbered very clearly so that staff can always place the same instruments in the same numbered location, and this kind of repeatability is what makes for the greatest level of efficiency during procedures.

Adjustable shelves 

The shelves on the back table are fully customizable, so you can adapt the system to whatever floor space you have available in the OR. The back table can be easily divided into sections by simply adjusting the different tiers and widths of the table. Sectioning off the table in this manner contributes to the repeatability aspect and makes all medical devices much easier to see and retrieve instantly.

High visibility 

The most important factor in finding and retrieving medical instruments quickly is being able to see them all clearly, in their positions on the back table. With the DinamicOR Back Table Solution, there is a 92 percent visibility rate for all instruments on the table, which means almost everything can be seen at a glance. Using the multi-tiering aspect of the table helps maintain this high visibility rate, and that means you won’t have to be stacking trays on top of each other, obscuring a good number of the instruments needed for procedures.

DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App 

The Workflow Management App that comes with your system can be used to establish standard procedures in the OR, and it can also serve as a repository for all surgical procedures, including those performed less frequently. This can save a ton of time training new personnel, and it can help eliminate a great many mistakes. You may also want to document your OR procedures in this App to use as a convenient onboarding system to train incoming personnel.

Repeatability equals efficiency 

The more repeatable you can make your OR procedures, the more efficiency you’ll be able to obtain. When everyone knows their role and all procedures can be accomplished with no fumbling around for medical instruments, you’ll be able to establish a smooth routine in your OR. When you install and make the best use of the DinamicOR Back Table Solution, you’ll find that life in the operating room is much more repeatable and much easier to handle for all personnel involved.