How DinamicOR is Helping to Solve the Healthcare Staffing Shortage Crisis
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Three years into a global pandemic, this nation’s healthcare system remains locked in a staffing crunch that experts don’t expect will disappear anytime soon. Healthcare worker burnout coupled with rising labor costs are creating ongoing staffing issues for hospitals, surgical centers, and medical practices. Here is what experts have to say about this crisis and how DinamicOR is helping the industry address these ongoing issues.

The healthcare staffing crisis isn’t going away

Ongoing staff shortages in the healthcare industry have created some significant challenges for businesses in this sector. Stress and burnout from working three years into a pandemic will take their toll on the heartiest of workers.

According to the America Hospital Association, there was a 30% increase in job vacancies between 2019 and 2020 for various types of nursing positions. Another survey revealed that more than one-third (34%) of nurses say it’s very likely they will leave their positions by the end of 2022 due to stress and burnout. Finally, an analysis of EMSI data shows there will be a shortage of up to 3.2 million healthcare workers by 2026.

Healthcare staffing issues are a major concern for several reasons. Not having staff can lead to medical errors, which impacts the patient experience. Staffing issues can also affect the efficiency and profitability of your healthcare business.

How DinamicOR helps solve your healthcare staffing shortage

There are still plenty of nursing and medical technicians looking for work. In fact, travel nurses are always willing to take on roles in hospitals and surgery centers that have ongoing needs. Assuming your healthcare business can fill its roles, it’s still facing a constant challenge. Specifically, how can you get people up to speed quickly, especially in an OR where patients are having surgery? Fortunately, the DinamicOR Back Table Solution can help.

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution is a suite of products that includes a fully customizable, multi-tier instrument Back Table, a Durable Drape, and the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App. The ways these innovative solutions help solve your healthcare staffing shortage include:

  • Fast onboarding — The Workflow Management App can be used for the rapid onboarding of new staff and will relieve the burden of existing staff from these duties.
  • Optimized workflows — The DinamicOR back table system creates repeatability in the operating room by storing table configuration and instrument preferences. This system can reduce OR turnover time by up to 33%.
  • Improved OR efficiency — During surgery, the system can provide step-by-step walk-throughs of the procedure and the instruments the surgeon will need during each of those steps.

Not only do these benefits help address your healthcare staffing shortage, but they also improve the patient experience and create a safer work environment.

Contact DinamicOR for more information about our innovative solutions

As you can see, DinamicOR was developed with an eye toward creating a more efficient workplace, which can address many of the issues related to healthcare staffing shortages. At the same time, your surgical team can provide a better patient experience.

Our suite of solutions was designed with direct input from surgical teams, creating the ultimate in configurabilty, visibility, and safety. To learn more about what the DinamicOR Back Table Solution can do for your practice, contact us today to set up a virtual demo.