How establishing processes can help operating rooms do more with less.
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Asking staff to “do more with less” is a common healthcare industry request. In some cases, this may not be possible. But, when there are inefficiencies and unaddressed challenges in your business, it’s worth a closer look.

Most operating rooms fit this description. Operating rooms continue to face surgical staff shortages and many inefficiencies. Here is how establishing better processes can help your operating room accomplish more with less.

Common operating room challenges

Operating rooms are high-stress environments where miracles of medical science take place. But they don’t come without some serious challenges. Some of these include:

Staffing shortages

Staffing shortages can lead to inefficiencies and delays in your OR. You might suffer from staff turnover or injuries that leave you shorthanded. Or, new staff members may be unsure how to proceed without proper training.

OR turnover issues

Transitioning an operating room from one procedure to another can be a complicated process. Because every procedure and surgeon’s requirements are unique, it can take time to sort out how the room and instrument tables are supposed to be configured.

OR procedure inefficiency

Processes during a surgical procedure may not be as efficient as possible. Trays stacked on top of each other on traditional OR tables not only make it difficult to find required instruments but also require repeated lifting of these heavy trays. This can lead to delays and frustration.

As hospital administrators, your job is to give surgical teams the tools and processes they need to be as efficient as possible. Fortunately, DinamicOR offers several solutions that can help your OR do more with less.

How DinamicOR solutions help you do more with less

Whether you have surgical staffing issues or your technicians are struggling to keep your operating room productive, DinamicOR has a solution to your most pressing challenges. The DinamicOR Back Table Solution and DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App are helping hospitals across the country achieve more with less in several ways:

Streamlining table setups

The Workflow Management App holds all the information your staff needs to set up instrument tables quickly and efficiently for the next procedure. This information is saved for repeatability and can reduce errors in setup. The standardization can also reduce setup time by up to 33 percent.

Onboarding new hires

Your new hires require training, and this can take your best employees away from their regular job duties. Instead, you can use the Workflow Management App to guide your new staff in your protocols and procedures.

Flexible Configurations

The DinamicOR Back Table allows for four different configurations, letting your OR staff arrange instruments according to the needs of the surgeon. Each configuration can be arranged quickly and efficiently during procedure transitions to make maximum use of your available space.

Improved OR Workflow

Having to hunt for instruments during a procedure can cause delays and lead to errors, both of which can impact patient outcomes. The DinamicOR Back Table Solution system provides 92 percent visibility for your surgical instruments, improving your OR processes by making them much more efficient.

Operating rooms are high-pressure, complex environments. Inefficient workflow can lead to errors, poor patient outcomes, and stressed medical staff. If you’d like to learn more about how DinamicOR’s innovative solutions can help you do more with less, contact us today.