How many more surgeries could your hospital do with a better back table solution?
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Can your hospital handle one more surgery? What about two or three more?

If you’re like most hospitals, your answer is probably “no.” Especially not now with all the COVID fallout.

But what if you had a better back table solution? Depending on which back table system you choose, you could decrease your operating room turnover time by an average of 33 percent*. How many more surgeries per day could you do then?

*Based on research statistics for the DinamicOR Back Table Solution.

Benefits of being efficient 

In the operating room of a hospital, efficiency and accuracy is the name of the game. When every second counts, no time at all can be wasted on retrieving the right medical instruments, or on recalling the exact sequence of events in any surgical procedure.

Increased efficiency will allow your facility to perform more surgeries than at any time in the past, primarily because you’re saving so much time and effort due to uniformity. How many more surgeries might your hospital perform? If you can even gain one more surgery each day, that will add up to an extra 30 surgeries in a single month – and over the course of a year, that number could swell to over 300 additional surgeries. Your bottom line might be significantly impacted by having an extra 300 surgeries in a calendar year. If you were to save even more time, and incorporate even more surgeries on the daily schedule, the financial benefit could be very impressive.

Where to make efficiency gains 

In a recently conducted study, surgeons were asked where the biggest potential for efficiency gains might come from. Approximately 61 percent of these surgeons indicated that having more efficient staff members in the operating room would deliver the greatest efficiency gain. When considering the ways that staffers could be more efficient, the most frequently occurring responses were in knowing exactly what to do in any given procedure, and in retrieving necessary medical tools rapidly.

That’s where the DinamicOR Back Table Solution comes in. Because this solution can ingrain repeatability and uniformity into medical device placement, staff members will never be fumbling around for the right tool. They also won’t need to spend time or effort repeatedly lifting heavy trays to get to the right instruments because DinamicOR allows for 92 percent instrument visibility. Which is even more impressive when you consider the standard back table system only provides 38 percent instrument visibility.

Another important component of the DinamicOR Back Table Solution is the Workflow Management App, which can be used to store information on all procedures performed at your facility, everyone should be on the same page, procedurally. By establishing uniformity and consistency in all your OR procedures, you will streamline your entire surgical operation. When you do this over an extended period of time, the result is much greater efficiency and increased profitability.

With the organization, consistency, and predictability delivered by the DinamicOR Back Table Solution, there’s literally no telling how efficient your OR might become, and how many more surgeries you’ll be able to accomplish.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to help.