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Hospitals in this country are going through a definite period of crisis due to the ever-increasing number of beds being taken up by COVID-19 patients. The situation has been compounded by the fact that there is a shortage of skilled medical personnel available to staff these overworked facilities. This has resulted in a number of consequences, one of which is that many elective surgeries are now being pushed out to ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) and physician-owned hospitals (POH).

However, this relatively sudden influx of new patients and the steady stream of elective surgeries has now shifted the burden to the ASCs and POHs. Many of these healthcare facilities are struggling to keep up with the volume increase and are searching for ways to gain efficiencies.

One very important way many of these facilities are gaining efficiencies is by implementing the DinamicOR Back Table Solution. Making optimal use of this system is already helping some healthcare facilities streamline their operations while retaining profitability at the same time.

How the DinamicOR Back Table Solution can help 

In an operating room, setup protocol for tools and instruments is of absolute importance. However, a typical back table in the OR only allows for about 50 to 60 percent of all instruments to be readily visible, which means there will be some searching, possibly even at critical moments. The DinamicOR Back Table Solution permits as much as 92 percent visibility of all surgical instruments and provides instant retrievability. During a surgical operation, time savings of even a few seconds might prove critical.

The complete solution from DinamicOR consists of the adjustable back table itself, a durable drape that is placed over it, and the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App. This app can be extremely useful on its own because it allows you to map your preferred tray placements and have them repeated in every OR in your facility. This produces consistency, and consistency produces optimal performance. The DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App can also be used to document surgical procedures, which staffers can then review for education purposes, making it ideal for onboarding new personnel.

The DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App can also be used to guide personnel through every step of a surgical procedure, eliminating uncertainty, even on relatively uncommon surgeries.

It’s not an overstatement to say that the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App, in combination with the DinamicOR Back Table Solution, will allow you to take control of your operating room and gain efficiencies that will help overcome the staff shortages you may be experiencing.