How Will you Address Your Backlog of Elective Surgeries?
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It’s been long two-plus years of dealing with the Covid pandemic. Hospitals have been overwhelmed with patients, and elective surgeries have had to be put on hold. But now that the worst of the pandemic appears to be over, some of those postponed and canceled elective surgeries can now be put back on the agenda.

Are you ready for a flood of elective surgeries at your facility? Is your staff prepared to revert to the kind of care necessary for pre-op and post-operative care that accompanies these kinds of operations? Here are some recommendations on how you might handle the sudden huge influx of elective surgeries.

Improve data flow in and out of the OR
During surgical situations, having the right data on hand can be critical. Patient data must be provided smoothly and efficiently so that on-the-spot decision-making can take place when needed. Patient Portals are one way to gather all relative data about a surgery candidate and having easy access to those Patient Portals in the OR can expedite any choices that need to be made. When there is this kind of direct access to patient information throughout the hospital, patient care can be more effective and can be handled with much less delay or interruption.

Improve OR efficiency
One way you can achieve almost immediate efficiency gains in the OR is to install the DinamicOR Back Table Solution in each of your operating rooms. Because all medical implements and devices will be much more visible and retrievable, there won’t be any searching or fumbling around trying to find the right instrument needed for the job. Part of the DinamicOR Solution includes the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App your facility can use to store all procedures, so they can be consulted by staff members. With everyone on the same page after reviewing these operational procedures, a number of efficiencies will be gained, and things will go more smoothly. When your OR is running like clockwork, you’ll be able to handle a lot more individual cases, and you’ll whittle down that case backlog in no time.

Better start-time scheduling
You might be surprised to learn how much time can be saved by improving your approach to start times in the OR. Staff members should be impressed with the importance of a set start time for all cases. Punctuality can also be improved by ensuring that all documentation is fully prepared prior to the start of surgery. It’s also a good idea to schedule unpredictable surgeries for later in the day when they won’t disrupt your schedule. Those surgeries with predictable outcomes should be scheduled for earlier in the day, when they can be carried out as planned, with no impact on the schedule for later in the day.

Now that COVID-19 has relaxed its iron grip, we hope you’re as excited as we are to get back to business as usual. If you’d like to learn more about how DinamicOR Back Table Solution can help you get there, we invite you to reach out for a free demonstration. Our team is ready to help.