Optimizing Space in the Operating Room
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The operating room is one of the most important spaces in any hospital. It’s where lifesaving surgery takes place, so it’s important to make sure every square inch is used effectively.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how the DinamicOR Back Table Solution, you’ll be able to make maximum use of the available space in your OR. Read on to learn more.

4 in 1 Configuration 

The DinamicOR Back Table can be set to four different configurations, which lets you arrange your setting according to the needs of your OR staff. The fact that it’s so versatile means that you can literally arrange your Back Table to meet the needs of whatever procedure you have scheduled, whether that’s a major spine surgery or something like setting a broken bone. Each configuration can be arranged so you have the greatest possible instrument visibility.

If you’ve ever had to search for a needed instrument at a critical time, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can achieve 92 percent visibility of all medical instruments and devices with this Back Table. When you consider the fact that a standard Back Table will generally only provide about 38 percent visibility of instruments, you’ll immediately realize the significant upgrade. It typically takes between five and 10 minutes less to arrange the DinamicOR Back Table, so you’ll realize major time savings during setup as well. When you multiply this time savings times the number of different OR setups you go through in any time frame, the potential for saving time increases dramatically.

Designed by Surgical Teams 

When DinamicOR first began designing our Back Table Solution, we used actual surgery teams to poll other professionals about what would be most helpful in the OR. Their responses contributed significantly to the ultimate design of our product. That’s why it was made deliberately configurable, ready to be streamlined to any procedure or process. Lack of instrumentation visibility was another big complaint of staffers, and that element has been incorporated into our Back Table so virtually every instrument is in your line of sight.

Because we’ve paid attention to what the professionals have to say about visibility and space in the Operating Room, we’ve been able to create a product that is designed for maximum efficiency, safety, visibility, and space savings. It even decreases the number of tray movements necessary by a whopping 88 percent, and that saves a lot of lifting and strain by staff members.

In virtually every category of usefulness, the DinamicOR Back Table Solution is the very best choice for your OR.