The Solution to Training Traveling Surgical Staff
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Traveling surgical staff has become increasingly prominent in hospitals and healthcare facilities, especially over the last two years. And although it allows facilities to cover staff shortages with experienced personnel, it can also cause something of a problem in terms of familiarizing these mobile staffers with the specific procedures in place at any given facility.

Much of the advantage of having experienced personnel onboard can be lost due to being unaware of how a hospital carries out OR procedures. This situation is tailor-made for resolution by the DinamicOR Back Table Solution and DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App, which provides everything needed to overcome their lack of familiarity with tools and procedures.

How DinamicOR solves the problem 

Of course, it would be possible to dedicate one or more of your hospital personnel to providing some intensive instruction to the traveling staffers in order to bring them up to speed quickly. But in a time when you’re already short-handed, it’s not the most desirable solution. By installing the DinamicOR Back Table Solution in each of your hospital’s operating rooms, you can accomplish much more, and without disturbing the schedule of your resident personnel.

First, the Back Table itself is fully customizable and provides 92 percent visibility for everything on the table. That will make it much easier to find things quickly and avoid having to fish around for needed tools at a critical juncture. When all Back Tables are laid out in the same manner, it contributes immediately to instant recognition by new staffers so they can find things quickly, regardless of which OR they’re working in.

Possibly even more valuable to training traveling staff is the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App, which is included in the Back Table Solution. This very handy app can be used to load and store all the processes related to any given surgical procedure. That means every single procedure your hospital performs can be fully documented in the app and then consulted by anyone who needs to gain an understanding of them. If some step or process isn’t immediately clear after one viewing of the app, it can simply be repeated until it becomes clear. This is a much better use of time than having to pull one or more of your staffers off their daily routine to conduct training sessions.

A better way to train

By adopting the DinamicOR Back Table Solution, it becomes possible to effectively train traveling surgical staff members about your facility’s procedures before they even set foot in the Operating Room. There is simply no more effective way of getting newcomers up to speed quickly and making them productive and valued members of your surgical team.