Top Four Ways to Foster a Positive and Empowering Work Environment in the OR
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The surgical field is a rewarding but stressful environment for employees. It’s rewarding in the sense that employees have the opportunity to save and transform lives. But this type of work can also bring a great deal of stress when life hangs in the balance and schedules are tight.

Understandably, this type of work isn’t for everyone, but there’s a lot your organization can do to foster and improve the work environment in the OR.

Importance of establishing a positive employee experience

Employee satisfaction and engagement aren’t just nice things to have. They have a tangible impact on your business’ success. According to Gallup, organizations with higher employee engagement levels are 21% more profitable and 17% more productive.

When employees are empowered and engaged at work, they are motivated and inspired to do their best work. And it’s tough to deny that’s a vital ingredient in an OR environment. So, if establishing a positive employee experience is essential, how can you get there?

Four ways to foster a positive work environment in the OR

Creating a better employee experience comes down to a combination of strong leadership and positive workplace practices. Leaders empower OR staff and provide the right procedures and tools to foster a positive environment. Here are four ways your organization can create a positive and empowering work environment in the OR and how DinamicOR Back Table Solution can help.

  1. Eliminate obstacles in the workplace
    An inefficient workplace is a stressful one. OR technicians who aren’t clear about how to transition the surgical suite from one procedure to the next will experience delays and job dissatisfaction. The DinamicOR Back Table Solution removes many obstacles in the workplace. The Back Table Solution consists of the adjustable Back Table, the Durable Drape, and the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App. These products help create efficiencies that reduce OR turnover time by an average of 33%.
  1. Improve communication
    Getting the right instruments into the OR and into the hands of the surgeon quickly is critical. A lack of communication and instrument visibility are some of the main reasons for errors in these processes, which can also lead to employee dissatisfaction. The DinamicOR Back Table solution improves OR turnover processes by creating repeatability. The multi-tiered adjustable back table creates 92% instrument visibility. In addition, the Workflow Management App instrumentation verification process ensures that every instrument needed for the surgery is in the room before even starting the case.
  1. Prioritize workplace safety
    Traditional back table systems require staff to stack trays on top of each other. Not only does it result in decreased instrument visibility, but staff is expected to lift these heavy trays to access instruments. The Back Table Solution is a stable four-in-one system that is simple to configure and move. The reduction in repetitive motion and lifting/lowering activity will reduce the heavy lifting necessary and lower workplace injury rates.
  1. Standardize employee onboarding
    There’s nothing worse than coming into a new, high-stress position that expects you to know the procedures from day one. At the same time, existing employees may be asked to take time out of their busy schedules to guide new staff. This creates even more stress in a short-staffed situation. The DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App is an excellent tool for employee onboarding and education. It can provide staff with the specific surgeon’s procedural sequencing and surgical checklists that get them up to speed quickly without disrupting the regular workflow.

Find out how DinamicOR’s solutions can help

As you can see, DinamicOR has paid close attention to maximizing the employee and patient experience. Our suite of solutions was designed with direct input from surgical teams, creating the ultimate in visibility, safety, and configurability.

If you’d like to learn more about what the Back Table Solution can do for your practice, contact us today. We’d be happy to schedule a demo and answer your questions.