Top Ways DinamicOR is Reducing Stress and Anxiety in the Operating Room
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The operating room is a complex, high-risk environment. It’s no wonder that anyone working in this space feels some stress and anxiety about the efficiency of their tasks and patient outcomes. If there are ways to reduce that stress, surely you’ll want to use them. Here are some of the ways DinamicOR is helping to solve this serious issue.

The stakes are high in the operating room

Patients and their loved ones put their trust in surgical teams and hospitals at some of the most challenging times in their lives. As a medical provider, you understand that the stakes are high in the operating room.

Not only do you want to deliver the best outcome possible, but you’re also on a tight schedule. Operating rooms must be turned over quickly and efficiently between procedures, which can be tricky when the next procedure is markedly different than the last one. And efficiency during a procedure is just as vital, where surgeons need access to instruments quickly and without error.

Several studies have been conducted on stress in the operating room. While there are no conclusive findings, one study revealed that a portion of all medical mistakes annually happens in the operating room. Another study concluded that distractions in the operating room could be detrimental to surgical teams.

Introducing the DinamicOR Back Table Solution

A more organized surgical team is going to be a less stressed team. When surgical technicians struggle to transition operating rooms or staff are unable to locate instruments during procedures, something needs to change. Introducing the DinamicOR Back Table Solution.

Designed with significant input from surgical teams, the DinamicOR Back Table Solution, along with the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App, establishes more efficient operations in the operating room by increasing visibility and setting up a repetitive environment.

Top ways DinamicOR is reducing stress and anxiety in the OR

Here are the top ways DinamicOR is reducing or eliminating stress and anxiety in the operating room:

1. Better organization

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution is a multi-tiered back table that has 4-1 configuration capability. Instead of having surgical instruments buried under stacked trays, they are more visible, which improves efficiency. In fact, this solution provides 92% instrument visibility.

2. Improved repeatability

Operating room turnover is a major source of stress. When you use the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App, you can enter the exact configuration for each type of procedure. This simplifies the job for your surgical technicians, leaves less room for error, and creates repeatability.

3. Increased safety

When your surgical staff must lift heavy carts and trays and repeatedly reach for surgical instruments that aren’t visible, this sets up a safety issue. Back and repetitive motion injuries are common. Because the DinamicOR products make these processes more efficient, they are also safer and less stressful for your staff.

4. Enhanced patient care

Isn’t the goal of every surgery team to deliver the best patient outcomes possible? When your team knows it has the tools to do this, everyone will feel less stress and anxiety. DinamicOR gives you the solutions you need to accomplish these goals.

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While the work that you do in the operating room is essential, no one wants to be in a job that is filled with stress and anxiety. Fortunately, the products and solutions from DinamicOR can significantly reduce your staff’s stress levels and help you deliver better patient outcomes. Contact us today to learn more.