Here’s How DinamicOR is Helping to Relieve the Staff Burden in the OR
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Hospitals and operating rooms across the country are grappling with widespread staffing shortages. Longstanding problems related to staff turnover and worker burnout have only been complicated by continuing COVID-19 waves that impact communities and healthcare workers alike.

Hospitals and surgical departments are coping by shifting staff between departments and trying to hire additional help. But there still needs to be a balance in the operating room to ensure worker safety and the best patient outcomes possible.

Even if we assume staffing issues will be the new normal in healthcare settings, it may be possible to work smarter and not harder. Here is how DinamicOR is helping to relieve the staffing burden in the OR.

Introducing the DinamicOR Back Table Solution

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution is a suite of products designed to improve organization, increase safety, and enhance patient care. It consists of the adjustable Back Table, the custom-fitted Durable Drape, and the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App. Together, these solutions can help you address some of your most pressing OR staffing issues.

How DinamicOR helps relieve the staff burden in the OR

Even before the pandemic hit, hospital administrators were constantly facing a myriad of staffing issues. Fortunately, the DinamicOR Back Table Solution offers some much-needed relief.

Streamlining instrument table setups

The Workflow Management App allows your staff to create a map of preferred instrument tray layouts for any type of procedure so they can be repeated as necessary. When the surgical technicians are setting up the Back Table for the next procedure, they simply need to consult with the app to find out where to place the instruments. Unfamiliar and complex processes become simpler for new and existing staff, which reduces errors and stress.

Standardizing OR workflows

Repeatability in the operating room improves efficiency and allows your OR staff to do more with less. The guided walkthroughs provided by the DinamicOR+ App can reduce OR setup time by up to 33 percent. This can either free up existing staff to take on other tasks or allow you to rotate a room with less staff.

At the same time, you might have staff who are unfamiliar with your layouts or processes. If they must hunt for instruments during a procedure, this can lead to errors or cause delays. The DinamicOR Back Table Solution provides 92 percent instrument visibility, virtually eliminating these issues and making your OR more efficient.

Onboarding new hires

When you bring on new staff to fill a need, they need training on your processes and procedures. This can take your best workers away from essential tasks and impact productivity. But the Workflow Management App can also be used to instruct new hires on how you set up operating rooms so that they can hit the ground running.

Learn more about the DinamicOR Back Table Solution

As operating room staffing shortages continue, many hospitals and other stakeholders will need innovative solutions. DinamicOR has a unique perspective on this particular issue. Our Back Table Solution was developed with direct input from hospital and OR staff, so we are confident it is designed to increase efficiency, boost safety, and improve patient outcomes. And the features of this comprehensive solution help your OR staff do more with less.

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