The Real-World Research and Development Behind the DinamicOR Back Table Solution
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Most industries and occupations face a host of unique challenges. If they’re lucky, someone will come along with solutions that address at least some of their pain points. In the medical field, this is a common occurrence. Physicians and medical facilities are continually searching for better ways to deliver patient care and improve efficiency.

If your facility offers surgical services, you understand this all too well. You likely face staffing, efficiency, safety, and other challenges. But, when an innovative solution shows up, it’s usually the result of careful research and some strategic development. This is certainly the case with the DinamicOR Back Table Solution.

The real-world research and development behind the DinamicOR Back Table Solution

Medical facilities that have surgical suites are busy places. Not only must staff turn over the OR quickly, but they must also set it up to the precise specifications of the next surgeon. When there isn’t a consistent workflow, this can create slowdowns and impact the quality of the entire procedure.

This is where the DinamicOR Back Table Solution comes in. It’s a fully-customizable, multi-tiered instrument back table coupled with a Durable Drape and the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App. The best thing about DinamicOR’s solutions is that they weren’t born out of guesswork but, instead, real-world research and development.

DinamicOR enlisted a team of manufacturing industry efficiency experts, who went into operating rooms and hospitals to identify areas in need of improvement. Our experts were amazed at some of the inefficiencies they discovered in the OR.

Using those experts’ findings, we collaborated with perioperative staff and hospitals to deliberately design the DinamicOR Back Table Solution. To date, it has been used in more than 20,000 procedures with some astounding results.

How the DinamicOR Back Table Solution creates intuitive efficiency

The real-world research and development that went into creating the DinamicOR Back Table Solution have paid off. It’s an innovative suite of products that results in greater overall efficiency and better patient outcomes. Some of the ways this solution accomplishes this include:

  • Standardized preferences — The adjustable Back Table, when combined with the Workflow Management App, allows your OR staff to standardize and customize the placement of trays and instruments for each type of procedure. This creates 92% instrument visibility and reduces potential errors.
  • Reproducible procedures — Using the Workflow Management App, your surgical team can turn over the OR suite faster and stay more organized during a procedure. Using these solutions, surgical technicians can turn over a room 33% faster and with greater accuracy.
  • Better patient care — ORs and surgical centers are high-stress and fast-paced environments. With more standardization, your team can get new staff up to speed quicker, stay organized with fewer resources, and spend more time focusing on patient care.
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DinamicOR recognized an ongoing need in the surgical industry and enlisted the help of experts to address it. This innovative solution has the potential to transform your operating room, create a safer workplace, and deliver a better patient experience.

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