Why the DinamicOR Back Table Solution is a Game-Changer for Surgical Technologists
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One of the busiest and most specialized areas of healthcare is the operating room. Patients rely on providers in this environment to perform life-saving and intricate procedures. But an OR is more than just a dedicated space for these activities to take place. Every square inch must be optimized so that staff can work efficiently and safely.

Surgical technologists are a vital part of the surgical team, working hard to prepare the OR for the next procedure and helping things run smoothly during surgery. Every instrument must be in its place, which can be challenging when different procedures are scheduled throughout the day.

But a game-changing product is taking the OR by storm, giving surgical technologists the help they need: the DinamicOR Back Table Solution.

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution consists of three elements: the multi-tiered Adjustable Back Table, the Durable Drape, and the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App that can be customized to specifically fit your needs.

The DinamicOR Back Table Solution is a real-world approach to OR organization that was designed with the input of hospitals and surgery teams to provide the most efficiencies and benefits possible. The DinamicOR Back Table has become a game-changer for these professionals for a variety of reasons.

Increases instrument visibility

The solution has multiple configurations and shelf levels, allowing nearly all medical instruments to be visible at the same time. The Back Table Solution allows for 92 percent instrument visibility, compared to just 38 percent with standard back table solutions.

Standardizes surgical processes

Efficiencies in the OR are a vital part of improving patient outcomes. The Back Table Solution offers significant process improvements when nearly all the medical tools are instantly visible, and room turnover processes have been standardized.

Provides repeatability

The Back Table Solution also comes with the DinamicOR+ Workflow Management App, which is designed to make the entire process of OR setup more consistent and repeatable. The app provides documented surgical workflows and mapping of instruments per procedure.

Faster OR turnover time

A common challenge in surgical suites is the turnover time between procedures. The combination of the Back Table Solution and its connected App makes turnover easier and faster. These tools minimize variation in the setup process and decrease turnover time by 33%.

Less tray movement

An OR can be a busy and hectic environment. Tray movement can re-arrange instruments, impact a procedure, delay room turnover, and even cause injury. The Back Table Solution reduces tray movement by up to 88%.

Lowers OR injury risk

The Back Table Solution can reduce staff injuries by increasing instrument visibility, reducing tray movement, and decreasing the time required for OR room turnover.

Learn more about the DinamicOR Back Table Solution

DinamicOR paid attention to the needs and concerns of surgical teams when designing the Back Table Solution. Some of the major complaints of staffers that were addressed were configurability and visibility, among the many other benefits we listed.

If you’re interested in learning more about what the Back Table Solution can do for your practice, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you get started on improving the efficiency of your surgical technologists.